An upcoming social media site... early logo idea
...because 140 characters is way too much typing! ;-)

The service is an audio blogging tool that lets you publish your opinion in your voice on top of almost anyone else's webpage. Bloggers and other online business owners can also use the Pro (paid) service to help build their opt-in mailing lists of subscribers who best resonate with their ideas.

The service will allow members to record their (verbal) opinion/commentary about almost any web page, and then publish their voice on "top" of that page. Anyone will be able to listen to other people's audio, and there will be social-media buttons for them to share the short web address. (See sketch below.)

The free version will display an ad under the audio widget, and those who pay will be able to replace that with their own call-to-action, typically using a tiny lead-generation list subscription form.

Each audio page will also encourage others to make their own recordings at, crediting the new account to the original member, thus building the foundation of an affiliate program which will pay them a cut of the ad/fee revenue stream.

Some highlights from the blog...

An overview of how will work for basic members, paid members, advertisers, affiliates, early funders, and the general public.

The beginnings of a sales letter that explains the Pro (paid) service.

The basic structure of how crowdfunding will be used to launch the site.

Timetable on how to raise $250,000.

The plan for Version 0: "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!"

Some brainstorming on how can be used.

A review of why the current hosting service was chosen.

A quick discussion about Member languages.

...and a nod to Elvis Presley. :-) logo idea with Museo font

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