AboutTh.is Development Versions Timeline

Version 0.00.00 is the bare-bones, absolute minimum needed to make the AboutTh.is concept work.
v0.00.00(date)Members are able to create an account and Opinions that others can hear.
v0.01.00Private URL-shortener for own campaigns, e.g., AboutTh.is/go/build .
v0.02.00Track views and plays in database.
v0.03.00Determine language(s) for Members and Opinions.
v0.04.00Opinion tagging.
v0.05.00Member avatars.
v0.06.00Track Member referrals to site.
v0.07.00Like/dislike buttons and graph.
v0.08.00Twitter integration.
v0.09.00Share buttons and share URL.
v0.10.00Member and Opinion directory.
v0.11.00Volume slider.
v0.12.00Periodic stats aggregator.
v0.13.00Basic advertising, without database.
v0.14.00Outbound email sequence and broadcast.
v0.15.00Backup / Recovery.
v0.16.00Administration and internal reporting.
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The database will be wiped clean, all Member names will disappear, all Member-generated audio and graphic files will be deleted, and all custom Opinion URL's will be broken for Version 1.
Version 1 has Basic (free) functionality that anyone is able to use.
Version 2 includes the Pro (paid) service.
Version 3 has the affiliate program, and paid advertising is managed through the database.
Version 4... mobile device apps? :-)

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